Frontend Faction

Frontend Faction is a group of front-end and fullstack web developers who want to get better at all things front-end, mostly to the effect of being able to do cool experiments and push the limits of what we're able to do as individuals in the browser.

Members: Anish, Jojo, Logan, Sherbaz, Tabs

To join, become an Artifex member and message Tabs in Discord.

Frontend Friday

Official start: 2 PM until life happens or bedtime; we usually get at least 3 hours of coding time in.

Events hosted so far

  • Frontend Friday (ongoing)
  • Intro to GatsbyJS by Tabs
  • GraphQL group learning session
  • Static website code marathon

General pathway

The internet
Version control
Web security
Package managers
CSS Architecture
CSS Preprocessors
Build tools
JavaScript Frameworks
Web components
CSS Frameworks
Type Checkers
Progressive Web Apps
Server-side Rendering
Static site generators
Mobile applications
Desktop applications
Web assembly