Launch a side project online

Learn technical skills to launch side projects online

Moonside is a pilot program designed to help you develop a brand for a side project and get it online.

Examples of projects:

  • Podcast series
  • Website for adopting stray animals
  • Fashion vlog
  • Web comic series
  • Video game

You will need to have the skills and equipment to undertake your side project. For example, if you were doing a podcast series, you’d need to have the means to record and upload your podcasts. See the terms and conditions for further information.

Date | Applications

Application deadline: TBA
Finalists announced: TBA
See the terms and conditions for further info about the application process.

TBA | Building your brand

A brand is more than just what it looks like. We look at naming, purpose, positioning, market/audience, and personality.

TBA | Visual Identity

Decide on your colour palette, typography, and logo. Understand logo design processes and start on your own using vector tools.

TBA | Building a landing page

Practice building a landing page using WordPress (no coding). We’ll be focused on web design and also try out prototyping skills with one another.

TBA | Marketing

Using the branding assets we’ve made, we’ll set up a newsletter, social media assets, and learn about various marketing strategies.

TBA | User research

Extend your personas and understand more about your target audience, how to validate your ideas, and process feedback you’ve been given.

TBA | On-boarding

Learn about the different ways you can monetise your project, how to on-board new customers/users where applicable, and get started on implementing them.

TBA | Review and next steps

Your project’s out! Hooray! We’ll do a recap session of everyone’s journey, eat some food, and talk about where to go from here.

  1. All workshops are from 9:30 AM – 1 PM on Saturdays, except for the last session.
  2. The final session (Review) will run from 5 PM – 7:30 PM. Dinner will be provided.
  3. There will be tasks each week that will need to be completed before the next session.

Entry requirement: You will need to commit to showing up to all workshops, medical emergencies and so on permitting. Seats are limited to 17 spots, so the opportunity is not available to everyone.

This project is supported by PARSA and the SEEF grant. Thank you