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Don’t know how to launch it online?


Come learn about designing landing pages, developing a brand, logo design, creating newsletters, and more! Moonside will help you learn the technical skills you need to get your project looking good and up on the web.

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We’re looking for a physical space we can turn into a tech hub to create and facilitate projects in, and sponsored equipment we can use for projects.

If you’re keen to help us out we’d love to hear from you.

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Membership is $5 for a year. Benefits include:

  • A community supportive of your passions, and general geeking out about tech and art
  • Private access to projects and workshops in photography, programming, web development, VR, graphic design, 3D, videography – whatever members request that semester
  • Opportunities for mentorship and personal development
  • Either free or discounted access to events and equipment

We like to nerd out and we love what we do. If this sounds like people you want to be around, join us!

How to join

  1. Register on Discord
  2. Introduce yourself
  3. You’ll get messaged by an admin for your personal details and a pickup time for the membership fee
  4. Your rank in Discord will be upgraded to a full member once the membership fee is paid

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