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Learn to launch side projects online

Got a side project in mind?

Don’t know how to launch it online?

Come learn about designing landing pages, developing a brand, logo design, creating newsletters, and more! Moonside will help you learn the technical skills you need to get your project looking good and up on the web.

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The Will of the Wisp

We’re building a video game! Anyone can join in – be it for the 3D modelling, building landscapes, level design, music – anything at all.

Follow the journey of a little wisp in her rite of passage as she overcomes obstacles in a world of lost souls, dangerous monsters, and friends in the weirdest of places to reclaim what she has lost.

Project members: Moses, Natalie (manager), Pei Pei, Sophie, Tabs

Frontend Faction

Frontend Faction is a focussed group intent on getting better at all things frontend. We all have different paths, host tutorials, and help each other along.

Group members: Anish, Jojo, Logan, Sherbaz, Tabs

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